Since this website was launched a number of years ago, I have had the privilege of making advertising space available to a variety of financial product and service providers and we have since perfected the art of advertising and found ways of maximising the positive results gained by advertisers. Careful data analysis and customer behavior studies have allowed us to identify the elements required for effective advertising and for the creation of gainful advertising concepts.

Our overall strategy is focused optimising the advertiser’s visibility, highlighting content relevant products and services and seeking the maximization of the number or website visitors clicking on advertiser links. We have achieved these goals through smartly designed, visually evocative and strategically placed advertisements and by closely tying in ads with the published content. Banking services are advertised alongside banking blog posts, insurance companies see their ads published beside posts about insurance, in short, advertisements are never randomly published but carefully placed alongside suitable content.

Advertising investments ought to bring financial rewards just as any other investment and we do not wish to waste any of our advertisers’ money. With this in mind, I have developed a simple roadmap that each advertisers will follow when choosing to advertise on my website.

Prime Advertising Location

My website has proven to be one of the most effective advertising spaces available and this is why:

  • 15’000 Unique Monthly Website Visitors: Your business will be introduced to 15’000 monthly website visitors. Customer surveys indicate that the majority of them seek financial services and products.
  • Reputable Website: My website is renowned as a reliable source of information, my reputation as an author and expert in finance undisputed and the trust and reliance of my readers are unrivalled. By advertising on my site, you too will enjoy the trust of my many thousand readers and get a head start against your competitors.
  • High Profile Content: Your advertisement will be published alongside high profile content, written by either myself or highly respected guest contributors. Our writers are experts in their field and advertisers associated with top content have been enjoying increased sales and revenue.
  • Analysis Before, During and After Your Campaign: Before you publish your ad, we carefully analyse your target group. Throughout the campaign, our team monitors the performance of your ad, requests feedback from you as an advertiser, as well as from readers, and at the end of your campaign, we spend quite a considerable amount of time evaluating the performance of your ad and estimate the increase in revenue achieved.

Just a Few Simple Steps

From the moment you decided to work with us, we will take care of everything. The following brief step-by-step guide outlines just how simple a process advertising on my website is:

  1. Getting to Know You and Your Business: Firstly, we endeavor to find out as much as possible about you and your company, your products and services, customer bases and main business activity.
  2. Defining Your Target Group: In collaboration with you, the target group for your advertising campaign is identified. This will allow us to choose the optimum placement for your ad.
  3. Setting Goals and Objectives: We will then ask you to define the goals for your campaign and use the information provided to tailor the campaign to your needs.
  4. Creating an Effective Strategy and Designing a Powerful Ad: We then plan your advertising campaign and design an evocative ad. You may provide us with a previously used ad, however, in most cases, a new design is published.
  5. Placement and Publication: Finally, your ad is published in the optimum website location.
  6. Evaluation and Recommendations: Subsequent to your campaign, we evaluate the results and make recommendations while also obtaining your feedback and exploring options for future campaigns.

All my previous advertisers have made considerable gains and seen ample increase in sales and revenue. I you wish to hear more or indeed have already decided to work with us, please contact me below. I look forward to hearing from you and helping your business to grow and expand.

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