About Me

Expertise in investment is my primary forte and stems from decades studying markets, identifying trends and discerning what types of investments reap rewards. Throughout the world market history, we have seen massive gains and epic losses and I have spent a lifetime identifying the factors that determine the outcome.

The close study of world investment markets in a variety of professional capacities has given me a unique insight into prevailing trends, market behaviors, investment strategies and market fluctuations, as a result of which I can now offer clients top financial and investment advice.

I have overseen billion dollar investments, drawn up and implemented comprehensive investment strategies and made companies and individuals enormous gains. The diversity of factors contributing to the success or failure of investments must not be underestimated and ought to be considered when making investment choices. Thanks to my investment advice, individuals and companies can be confident of making gains and enjoying considerable returns. Through comprehensive market analysis and the creation of a viable investment strategy, I can provide clients with all the tools required for a successful investment outcome.

Regardless of whether I am strategizing for a large corporation or advising an individual, my aim is to serve my client, I strive to make the best investment choices and my expertise virtually guarantees substantial gains.

An Aging Population – Why You Need a Retirement Fund

Over recent years, I have worked closely with many people wishing to provide for their future and I have added my voice to the choir of those propagating the need for retirement funds. Yes, we have an aging population and yes, future generations will struggle to provide for the aged in society and yes, you should comfortably see out the remaining years of your life.

Retirement Fund Benefits

By setting up a retirement plan and paying into a fund on a regular basis, you will reap the following benefits:

  • Lump Sum: On maturity, most pension plans include the paying out of a lump sum that is either equal to or higher than the money contributed.
  • Regular Income: You will receive a regular pension that will replace your salary.
  • Tax Benefits: There are a variety of tax benefits to be derived from investing in a pension plan. Payments can partially or fully be offset against tax and there are a number of different tax schemes available for individuals and companies.

A Good Pension Plan – Why You Need a Financial Advisor

Choosing the right retirement plan is a tricky business, there are numerous options available. It is often difficult to distinguish between the various plans and to know just how to avail of relevant tax benefits and that is why it is best to seek the assistance of a financial advisor. All of the options will be outlined and explained in great detail, your financial status taking into account and the best plan selected for you. One requires quite some knowledge and expertise when deciding upon a plan and because retirement funds are of such utmost importance, it is best to consult a financial expert.

My Books

Throughout my career, I have written several books on financial subjects, including:

  • Bulls, Birdies, Bogeys & Bears: The Remarkable and Revealing Relationship Between Golf and Investment Markets. 2013, Hardcover
  • Investing: The Expectations Games, 2017, Paperback
  • Reflections on Arthur Scargill (The Trade Union Man), 2016, Kindle
  • Top Investment Ideas for This Year, e-Book

All the books are available to order online or to purchase at your local bookstore.

My Website

This website is designed to provide financial and investment advice as well as keep clients and other visitors informed about current financial news. Furthermore, my services are introduced and described in detail and clients or interested parties may use the content of this website for information purposes. My aim is threefold:

  • To educate and inform clients and readers on financial matters, retirement options and investments.
  • To create a gathering place for financial experts and those seeking advice.
  • To make an online point of contact available to clients and interested parties.

By making my services available and sharing my knowledge and expertise with clients and those seeking financial guidance, I continually endeavor to support you in your efforts to provide for your future and see ample return on your investment.