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I spend quite a lot of time speaking at conferences and business events and I am regularly contacted by companies and individuals seeking financial advice and in particular, hoping to gain some information on wise investment. To me, knowledge and expertise are only truly valuable if shared and that was one of the reasons I have published a number of books.

With this website I hope to address the majority of financial issues, businesses and individuals may come to face, however, there will always be topics and questions that I haven’t provided the answer to yet. For that reason, I would urge anyone with a query or concern, to get in touch with me and I will do my best to respond in a manner best suited to your needs.

You may contact me at or fill in the contact form below.

Issues Worth Contacting Me About

As a financial advisor, author, speaker and investment expert, there are a number of areas in can be of assistance in:

  • Financial Advisory Services: Those wishing to learn more about or avail of my advisory services, individuals or companies, can contact me and will be given an outline of my work. You may contact me with a simple question or request or indeed wishing to obtain comprehensive finance and investment support. Over the years, I have advised entrepreneurs, CEOs, investors, managers, individuals and couples and I look forward to your inquiry.
  • Speaking Engagements: If you would like me to speak at one of your events, please let me know. I cherish the opportunity to attend gatherings and share my knowledge and expertise. Please ensure to furnish ample information on the event in question and to supply dates and times.
  • Author Requests: Colleges or companies wishing to discuss one of my books or organize a reading or lecture, should also contact me. The same applies to budding authors wishing to get some tips and advice.
  • Investors: If you or your company are considering making a sizeable investment, please get in touch, I will be glad to share my tips and expert knowledge.
  • Retirement Funds: If you are one of many people at a loss as to how to best provide for your future, do contact me at once. I have seen countless people struggle to grasps and understand all the packages available and I enjoy explaining it all in layman’s terms and provide the required information.
  • Business Inquiries: I have worked with companies of all sizes and have witnessed the growth and expansion of many great businesses. Sustainable growth is often hard to promote, companies can expand to quickly or be stifled in their growth. By providing you with a company analysis and advising you in these areas, I will equip your company with a top growth and expansion strategy.
  • Networking: I am well-known in financial services, enjoy meeting people, engaging in discussions and sharing knowledge and information. Networking is one of the most important aspects in the life of a company or business person and I would be delighted to help you in your networking efforts.
  • Media Inquiries: Members of the media, researching financial markets, the economy or financial services may contact me also. As a writer, I am aware of the value and importance of research and I am therefore always ready to be of assistance.

How to Get in Touch

You may contact me at or by filling out the contact form below. As a rule, I reply to inquiries within one or two days. Please ensure to clearly outline your question or request so that I can respond adequately. I look forward to hearing from you in the not too distant future!