Secure Your Retirement

Planning for your retirement is a wise move, especially if you would like to look forward to many years of enjoyment, financial comfort and security. The majority of people wish to maintain the financial status enjoyed during employment, however, without a retirement fund, this can be hard to achieve.

Governments all over the world have been highlighting the need for private, personal pension plans in view of an aging population, warning that governments of the future may not be in a position to pay adequate pensions. The child-rich generations of the past will have to be provided for by a considerably smaller workforce and the numbers just don’t add up.

Furthermore, workers who pay into employment pension funds can also no longer be confident of financial security in their later years, even when such a pension is combined with social security. Many of today’s workers do not have a pension plan at all and it is difficult to fathom just how they will survive the autumn of their lives without making serious financial sacrifices and lowering their standard of living.

How Governments Encourage Taxpayers to Invest in Pension Funds

In many countries, governments have introduced tax benefits to encourage people to provide for their own future. In the US, there are various such schemes available, most of them providing excellent benefits, however, the problem often is that the world of pensions and investments, tax breaks and retirement funds can represent a complicated medley of intricate, hard-to-comprehend options and many people never even take the time to examine viable options.

Demystifying Retirement Funds and Investments

Financial advisors like myself have stepped into the breach to help people plan for their future, demystify all the schemes and financial jargon and present clients with simple, viable and sensible choices. Availing of financial advisory services makes sense in many ways, you will save money, time and a whole lot of energy trying to find the best way to provide for a comfortable financial future.

My Services – Helping You Choose the Right Retirement Plan

After carefully examining each client’s financial status, I provide information and advice, outline all the various options in layman’s terms and present what is in my estimation the best option for each client. Pension plans are diligently tailored to the needs and financial status of all clients.

All tax benefits and different types of pensions available are explained in detail so as to allow each client to make an informed choice. Any arising question or query can easily be dealt with and because I have worked in finance for a many years, my knowledge and expertise are second-to-none. My aim is to guide and support you in your efforts to provide for your future and ensure that you will indeed be financially comfortable when you retire.

Who Should Avail of My Services

Anyone wishing to provide for their retirement can avail of may services, you will find employers, employees, self-employed, entrepreneurs, company directors, small business owners as well as individuals and couples among my clientele. Regardless of your current financial status, age profile or profession, I will be able to advise and guide you through the jungle of pensions and investments currently available.

I have also been a consultant to large corporations assisting them in the establishment a viable pension plan for their staff.

High Risk Pension Funds and Pension Fund Performance

Having studied financial markets throughout my entire career, allows me to be of particular assistance to those wishing to opt for high risk pension funds. I have been monitoring the performance of all major investment funds and can offer top quality insight and advice.

Services Beyond

My financial advisory services reach beyond pensions and investments and also include the provision of financial advice to businesses, entrepreneurs and corporations as well as personal finance support.

The financial comfort of individual clients as well as the financial viability of small and large businesses lie at the heart of my work and I continually strive to strengthen my client’s financial position. My advice is plain and simple, yet smart and focused on financial gain.

I have immensely enjoyed working with clients from all walks of life and hope to count you among them in the near future.